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hot stuff by bluezinthos hot stuff :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 5 2 got milk? by bluezinthos got milk? :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 6 4 toes by bluezinthos toes :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 11 12 the newest addition by bluezinthos the newest addition :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 6 5 purple pansies by bluezinthos purple pansies :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 1 1 Lady white by bluezinthos Lady white :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 1 5 bumbles smile by bluezinthos bumbles smile :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 2 3 snow drift by bluezinthos snow drift :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 1 3 hollyberries by bluezinthos hollyberries :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 3 4
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Kagome. Those characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and VIZ media. Who took long enough to give us our happy ending.
For Eternal Destiny’s anniversary. Though technically it should have been a cotton anniversary.

Kagome paused in the doorway and almost walked back outside to see if she was in the right hut.
Gone was the folded pile of laundry on the futon (abandoned when one of the women in the village went into labor early that morning). Instead the bed was laid out and covered in a beautiful patchwork blanket that appeared to be made from scraps of silk. Littering the floor were dozens of intricate origami flowers. Something rich, smelling of poultry, simmered on the cooking fire and fat beeswax candles filled the air with scent.
And there was her husband, her hanyou, her Inuyasha setting plates on two bamboo trays. His silver hair glinted with golden light from the fire and candles, his puppy ears twitching madly, and his
:iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 20 11
All Hallows Rites
All’s Hallows Rites
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with the Inuyasha franchise. All those pesky rights go to Rumiko Takahashi and VIZ media.
Kagome threw open the door to her bedroom laughing. Honestly, her friends had lost it this year. Going trick-or-treating at their age. They were eighteen! And they didn’t even have their siblings with them. Nope. They dressed up in the cheesiest costumes they could think of, the kind they would have loved to wear when they were kids, and set out to stuff their pillowcases.
Ayumi was a roller derby queen and Eri had found a Rainbow Bright costume somewhere. But Kagome went as the same thing she had as a child, a witch. There was just something about subtly adjusting the costume each year to make it a different. One year she would have a black garbage bag as a cape and paint her face green and the next she would be ethereal and glittery.
Her friends thought she was obsessed. Her parents thought she was rebelling. Kagome thought she
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The babies by bluezinthos The babies :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 5 2
MFP Chapter 20
My Futures’ Past
Chapter 20
Healing Revelations
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha or any of the characters. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi and VIZ Media.
Inuyasha didn’t want to admit it, not even to himself, but he was worried about the strength of his pack. Not in the upcoming confrontation with his half brother, he knew Sesshomaru would have the advantage and he would have to rely on his little used negotiation skills with the others gathered to fight. No, he was worried about them in the sense that they were human. They were tired. They were underfed and out in the elements for the night.
Kirara and Sango had brought back what they could; a large amount for a camp meal, but the game was thin. Inuyasha had the sinking feeling this had as much to do with the neglected lands as the army that Sesshomaru had gathered. The rabbits and birds would be stringy, but welcome at this point. And the slayer had brought back root vegetables and herbs
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autmn desktop by bluezinthos autmn desktop :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 2 3
WHR Drablles 1-3
Witch Hunter Robin Drabbles
Yes, my new habit. Got the dvd box set with all 26 episodes and you just have to LOVE open endings.  Same as with Inuyasha and his crew, I do not own WHR or any of their associated goodies. These ones belong to Bandai and Sunrise.
Saw this as an art challenge and decided to gack it and make it a fiction one. There are 100 different…suggestions? That will be the starting point of a drabble in the WHR world.
Why her? What was it about that witch-child that drew my attention from that first glance at Harry’s? A waif with copper pigtails, cloaked in a Victorian dress, who moved across the floor in a whisper and caught my eye over her shoulder. A craft user. A witch.  A hunter who couldn’t even hit her targets. A partner with jade eyes that could look at me with curiosity and accusation in the same glance when I tell her flatly all she’s done wrong. A teenager that’s on my mind no matter how many times I
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Mature content
Sacrificed 5 :iconbluezinthos:bluezinthos 13 6

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Once Upon a New Moon
I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi
Once Upon a New Moon
“It was nice getting out of the house again,” Kagome said.   She pulled the soft brown wrap she wore tighter over her shoulders and over her pregnancy-swollen abdomen.
They were walking the path from Miroku’s house to theirs.   It was a cool day in late December.  During the day the sky had grown dark and threatening while they were visiting.
“Keh,” said InuYasha. “Long as you don’t overdo it.  Don’t want you getting sick again.” He looked up at the sky.  “Looks  like it might snow.”
“Yeah,” she replied.
They walked quietly for a while.  For some reason, InuYasha’s pace was slower than usual.  They stopped for a moment.  InuYasha rolled his shoulders and took a deep breath.  “I don’t know why, but today i
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wistful by Anoki-Doll
Mature content
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First Step
I said, "Teach me to write,"
and my words echoed hollowly through the near-empty room,
laughing at me,
in all my raw insecurity,
and angst,
and longing.
He looked up,
put down the pen that had scratched through the paper
to sear through my soul,
pushed back his glasses,
and scratched his nose,
looking thoughtfully beyond my surfaces,
until I stood naked before him
and squirmed,
wanting to scream.
"Teach me to write," I pleaded, whispering,
choked with my need to reach out
and say something,
move someone,
make someone react,
for what reason I did not know.
He blinked.
"Teach me to write," I mouthed,
not even breathing the sounds out,
and just when I was ready to crumple,
turn into dust,
knowing my dreams were meaningless longings,
he tapped me on the ear and smiled.
"So you want to learn to write," he said.
"First, learn to listen."
:iconknittingknots:knittingknots 7 2
Cranes, Change and Winter
“They don’t have this festival in your era?” InuYasha questioned softly.  They were watching the villagers get ready for the long winter night ahead of them. He could tell that something had been bothering his wife, but did not know how to ask what it was. The hanyou thought that maybe the preparations for the upcoming festivities might have something to do with her melancholy mood.
Kagome sighed and slowly shook her head. “The spring and autumn equinox have a national holiday associated with them, but the summer and winter solstice go pretty much unnoticed. The beginning of the New Year on January First is a really big celebration that lasts for three or four days, and Christmas is right before that. It isn’t an official holiday, but it’s become more and more popular. Family members and friends exchange gifts with one another and eat special Christmas Cake.” She fell silent and a distant look replaced the happier expression conveyed a momen
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Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Hot Chocolate Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 12,273 533

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Ahhh, a New Year! Happy, Happy!

What will this year bring? The end of the world? Who knows?

I hope your resolutions tend to last longer than mine (which is about a week at most)


do not feed after midnight
United States
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Skin of choice: naked (except in winter. too cold)
Favourite cartoon character: inuyasha and kagome though cosmo and wanda come in a close second
Personal Quote: *sigh*



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